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Competitive commissions

We benchmark industry standards to stay competitive.

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You’ll get to know (and appreciate) our experienced underwriters.

Traditional underwriting at its core

Every client is unique and deserves a personal touch.

Joint marketing and tradeshow partnership

We multiply your efforts with marketing support.

Backed by a fully staffed risk management department

We work hard to improve outcomes for client companies.

Simplified claims processing

We streamlined claims with fillable forms. Check it out!

Zero deposit option and no billing related fees

Flexible self reporting and installment options for monthly semi-annual and annual payments.

Care West only works with independent insurance agents

Find out why Care West and independent agencies are a perfect fit.

Right Where You Are

Our industry sweet spots are your pathways to new business.

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Designed with care, our healthcare workers’ compensation product is tailor-made for healthcare employers with a payroll exceeding $300 million.


Our customized workers’ compensation product caters to a diverse spectrum of agriculture businesses, ranging from Farm Labor Contractors to Wine Makers, each with payroll exceeding $125 million.

Social Services

Our bespoke workers’ compensation product is designed to serve an eclectic mix of social service businesses, ensuring optimal coverage and support for entities with payrolls over $70 million.


Specially tailored for the light manufacturing industry, our workers’ compensation product caters to a diverse array of business with payrolls exceeding $2 million.

Simple Onboarding

Goal-Oriented Partnership

Care West selects only the most service-oriented brokers to represent us to our client companies. We place a high priority on a broker’s track record for long-term relationships and straightforward business practices. We take time to get to know your brokerage and to understand your goals for growth so that we can better assist you in representing Care West. Get appointed and start growing with Care.

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