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Note: Existing Claims and Help

If you are an injured employee seeking the advice of a nurse, or you are an employer seeking to file a claim for an employee, please call (844) 326-2918.

If you are inquiring about the status of an existing claim, please visit our general contact page to reach out to a Care West claim team supervisor for assistance.

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CorVel’s provider network is designed to help Care West’s injured employees to recover quickly and return to work.

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What forms are required to file a claim?

For Employees:

Injured employees need to complete the following forms:

If you do not want to pursue a workers’ compensation claim, complete the Declination of Workers’ Compensation Benefits form.

For Employers:

An employer needs to complete the following forms for an injured employee:

All forms should be emailed to, faxed to (866) 774-1846, or mailed to P.O. Box 277550, Sacramento, CA 95827.

I got injured at work. What should I do?

If you are severely injured, please visit your local hospital, urgent care, or known Point of Entry Clinic (POE). To speak to a nurse that can help address your injury please call (844) 326-2918.

I have an injured employee. What should I do?

Employers should report the claim to, or call (844) 326-2918, provide the injured employee with a DWC-1 Claim Form, advise the injured worker of the POE Clinic, and complete the Supervisor’s Accident Report.

What is 24/7 Nurse Telehealth?

At the time of an incident, employees can call and speak with a registered nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, who will evaluate the nature of the incident or injury and determine the employee’s immediate medical needs. To contact Telehealth, please call the Telehealth hotline at (844) 326-2918.

I need help completing a claims form.

We are here to help. Call us at (916) 605-5202 or (916) 605-3860 and we can help you walk through the process.

How do I find a doctor?

Visit our Medical Provider Network (MPN) to find a doctor specialized with your type of work related injury.

Can I go to any pharmacy to fill a prescription?

Yes. There is a pharmacy ID card for you to provide to your pharmacy to ensure billing is done accurately. You can access your pharmacy ID card here or by calling Telehealth (844) 326-2918.

Who do I contact for a claims update?

You can visit our general contact page that provides direct claims support contacts, or you can email us at

What can I expect after a claim is filed?

The ultimate goal is to get you healthy, well, and back to work. After submitting a claim, an adjuster will be assigned to your case. Once we receive all of the required documents, Care West’s Claims Unit will set up a claim and assign to a Claims Examiner who will contact you with claim information.

Where can I find more information about medical care?

If you have a work related injury or illness and need more information about medical care, you can refer to the Work-Related Injury or Illness – Claim Overview document.